gcc2 archives (was re: config.guess and Linux/GNU)

Joe Buck jbuck@racerx.synopsys.com
Tue Jun 13 10:14:00 GMT 2000

Mike Stump writes:

> This reminds me, could someone put up the old gcc2 archives (and the
> older list as well) up on the web site, if nothing else, as big flat
> files for download.  They are great for mining bits and pieces of
> information.  I know some people have them, love to see them not get
> lost.

I'm not sure we can ethically do that.  The reason is that gcc2 was
operated as a closed list, and many people who posted to it believed that
their words were semi-private.  Even the location of the snapshots was
a secret.

Now, many of us did not like that policy and that's why we started egcs,
where we operate more in public (although the SC does occasionally have a
private discussion).  But because the conditions were different in the
gcc2 days, to publish the gcc2 archives would be to publish peoples' words
without their permission.

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