config.guess and Linux/GNU

Mike Stump
Mon Jun 12 18:08:00 GMT 2000

> To: Mike Stump <>
> Cc:,,
> From: Per Bothner <>
> Date: 12 Jun 2000 16:37:41 -0700

> Mike Stump <> writes:

> > Hog wash.  As the author of config.guess let me sed [sic] some light.

> Is my mind getting feeble?  I distinctly remember being the original
> author and for some years the maintainer of config.guess.  ((Hurridly
> checks config.guess.))  Yep, that sure looks like my name.

This reminds me, could someone put up the old gcc2 archives (and the
older list as well) up on the web site, if nothing else, as big flat
files for download.  They are great for mining bits and pieces of
information.  I know some people have them, love to see them not get

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