Please Help Me with Dev-C++

Tue Dec 28 08:44:00 GMT 2004

I don't think this is the right place for questions concerning how to 
write C code .... though I think I've committed the same sin myself, on 

> #include <stdin.h>

That produces an error for my gcc has no such file. Try changing 
<stdin.h> to <stdio.h> (which is the norm).

> main()

The above line doesn't produce any errors for me, but I believe it 
should really be:

int main(void)

> {
>    printf("Hello World\n");
> }

I'm not familiar with the precise compiler you're using. I use gcc 
(MinGW) on Win32.

If that's what the tutorial really said to do, then it sounds like a 
pretty crappy tutorial to me. I don't have any quality-guaranteed web 
tutorials to recommend. Maybe
is a better place to start learning - or, better still, one of the 
quality C/C++ books such as Kernaghan's.

Hope this helps.


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