Please Help Me with Dev-C++

Wes Ripley
Tue Dec 28 04:13:00 GMT 2004


      I am writing because i'm new to programming, VERY NEW. I got a book 
for Christmas about Game Programming, and it came with a disk. On that disk 
there was a version of Dev-C++. I installed it, and I'm trying to work 
through the tutorials on the help menu in an effort to learn basic C 
programming. Unfortunatly I've come to a hult! In the turotial it tells you 
how to make a simple program called the Hello World Program. I copied the 
code exactly as follows:

#include <stdin.h>
    printf("Hello World\n");

I then saved this program as hello.c and then I clicked on the Execute tab 
of the toolbar and then click Compile. That is what the tutorial says to do, 
and what I get is an error. In the Compile Log (at the bottom of the screen) 
the toal errors equal 1, and this appears in the Compile Log:

Compiler: Default compiler
Executing  gcc.exe...
gcc.exe "C:\Dev-Cpp\Project 1\hello.c" -o "C:\Dev-Cpp\Project 1\hello.exe"   
  -I"C:\Program Files\Dev-CPP\include"   -L"C:\Program Files\Dev-CPP\lib"
Execution terminated

Also under the Copile Tab (bottom of screen) under Line it says 2, under 
File it says C:\Dev-Cpp\Progect1\2, and under the Message it says "unable to 
run program file.".

Is there something I'm missing or something i'm doing wrong? If so could you 
please help me? I've been so frustrated trying to learn this stuff, but I 
can't even practice! If you could send a step by step process from opening 
of the program to the compiling, linking, and running process that will work 
I'd appreciate it!

Thank You,

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