Phil Prentice
Thu Apr 15 19:35:00 GMT 2004


  We are currently porting software using the gnu compiler (3.3.3).  Its 
working very well so far, but we have a problem over varargs.

  There are dozens of files which use varargs (not stdarg).  In time we will 
move these files over to use stdarg, however we have the added problem of 
there having to be at least one parameter being declared for stdarg to 
compile and work.

  1)  Is there anyway that we can cheat here  or do we have to go through all 
the function calls and add a dummy parameter etc to enable us to use 
stdarg's??  Many of these functions accept 0 or more tag parameters. How do 
we cope with no parameters?

   2) Same question really, but a considerably amount of software exists  
which interfaces to our varargs software which would be nia on impossible to 
change.  Again in this case are we stuck to having to use an older version of 
the compiler which supports varargs or again can we cheat somehow?

  3)  What is the latest version of the compiler that still supports varargs?

  It would be nice to use stdarg but without the worry of changing the 
calling software?  Is there any way around the problem of zero parameters?

Thanks again for all your help


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