Thu Apr 15 20:56:00 GMT 2004

Phil Prentice <> writes:

> Hi
>   We are currently porting software using the gnu compiler (3.3.3).  Its 
> working very well so far, but we have a problem over varargs.

Sorry, but I think gcc support for varargs and other pre-C89
    constructs is a thing of the past. gcc 3.2 was the last to
    support -traditional, and I can't find the docs for when varargs
    support was dropped. I suppose you could try 3.2.3 as an interm

>   There are dozens of files which use varargs (not stdarg).  In time we will 
> move these files over to use stdarg, however we have the added problem of 
> there having to be at least one parameter being declared for stdarg to 
> compile and work.
>   1)  Is there anyway that we can cheat here  or do we have to go through all 
> the function calls and add a dummy parameter etc to enable us to use 
> stdarg's??  Many of these functions accept 0 or more tag parameters. How do 
> we cope with no parameters?
>    2) Same question really, but a considerably amount of software exists  
> which interfaces to our varargs software which would be nia on impossible to 
> change.  Again in this case are we stuck to having to use an older version of 
> the compiler which supports varargs or again can we cheat somehow?

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I would be tempted to
    experiment with some well-thought-out macro-hackery.

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