Misaligned data (on sparcs)

Phil Prentice philp.cheer@btinternet.com
Thu Apr 15 19:35:00 GMT 2004


  I am using gcc3.3.3 and have a problem of misaligned integers on sparcs 
(solaris).  If I use gcc to compile a program that access an integer address 
which is not on a 4-byte boundary e.g.

    chat fred[10];
    int *ptr;

    ptr = (int *) &fred[2];
    printf("*ptr = %d\n",*ptr);

  The program crashes with a bus error.  When I looked at the native compiler 
already on the system it has the flag -misalign which enables the program to 

  For many reasons I would prefer to use the gnu compiler,  is there a gcc 
compiler flag that will also give us the same result?

  Thanks for your help


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