GCC 3.0.2 binaries

Rupert Wood me@rupey.net
Thu Nov 29 04:41:00 GMT 2001

Kabir Patel wrote:

> I downloaded gcc-3.0.2-sol8-sparc-local.gz again, provided enough
> space, and ran gzip -d on it. The following error message cam back
> "gzip: gcc-3.0.2-sol8-sparc-local.gz: invalid compressed data--crc
> error"
> Could somebody tell me what this means? and how to rectify it?

gzip stores a checksum for the compressed data ('crc' is 'cyclic
redundancy check') and the value it has is wrong. Again, this means you
have a bad copy of the compressed package.

May I check that you downloaded the file in binary mode and not ASCII
mode? If you're using command-line FTP then it probably defaulted to
binary mode but to be sure you might want to type 'binary' before you

I know that's a long shot, but I at least don't have any other ideas.


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