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GCC 5.0 Status Report (2014-11-03), Stage 1 ends Nov 15th


The trunk is scheduled to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 3 at the end
of Saturday, November 15th (use your timezone to your advantage).

We have been in Stage 1 for almost 7 months now with a fortnight                                                                             
still to go.  Still now is a good time to look into bugzilla
and pick one or two regressions in your area of expertise and fix them
(you may want to prioritize regressions against both 4.9 and 5).

What larger merges are still planned for GCC 5?
I'm aware of pending merges from match-and-simplify branch, there
are the JIT changes partially? approved, MPX also partially? approved,
Intel offloading patches partially approved, PTX support partially
reviewed.  Thomas, do you plan to post OpenACC changes for review
still during stage1?  Do you have any dependencies there (PTX and/or
Intel offloading being merged first?)?  What else have been people working
on and can get posted for review before stage1 closes?
As before, when new features are posted for review during stage 1 and only
acked early during stage 3, they can still be accepted for GCC 5.

Somewhat misleading quality data below, P3 bugs have not been
re-prioritized for quite some time now.  We promise to do this shortly
after entering Stage 3.

Quality Data

Priority          #   Change from last report
--------        ---   -----------------------
P1               10    +  10
P2               82    +   6
P3               92    +  86
--------        ---   -----------------------
Total           184    + 102

Previous Report

The next report will be sent by Richard, announcing transition to stage 3.

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