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Re: GCC 5.0 Status Report (2014-11-03), Stage 1 ends Nov 15th

On Mon, 2014-11-03 at 10:18 +0100, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Status
> ======
> The trunk is scheduled to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 3 at the end
> of Saturday, November 15th (use your timezone to your advantage).
> We have been in Stage 1 for almost 7 months now with a fortnight                                                                             
> still to go.  Still now is a good time to look into bugzilla
> and pick one or two regressions in your area of expertise and fix them
> (you may want to prioritize regressions against both 4.9 and 5).
> What larger merges are still planned for GCC 5?
> I'm aware of pending merges from match-and-simplify branch, there
> are the JIT changes partially? approved, MPX also partially? approved,
> Intel offloading patches partially approved, PTX support partially
> reviewed.  Thomas, do you plan to post OpenACC changes for review
> still during stage1?  Do you have any dependencies there (PTX and/or
> Intel offloading being merged first?)?  What else have been people working
> on and can get posted for review before stage1 closes?
> As before, when new features are posted for review during stage 1 and only
> acked early during stage 3, they can still be accepted for GCC 5.

As well as the JIT work, I'm hoping to merge the
"dmalcolm/gimple-classes" git branch, which makes moves gimple statement
accessor typechecking from runtime to compile time, by making use of
gimple subclasses:

This is a big patch, currently:
 152 files changed, 11166 insertions(+), 4806 deletions(-)
and a followup part of it involves renaming every "gimple" to be a
"gimple *".

Richi said (in
> I think timing-wise you should now have the burden to wait
> for the end of stage1 (and thus all pending big merges).  I'm > fine
doing this refactoring very early in stage3.

I also have some mostly-done RTL subclass work which I hope to post
before stage1 closes (using rtx_insn * in some more places; about
another 20 or so patches).

FWIW I've been investigating generalizing the JIT API to also be usable
as a stable API for plugins (i.e. both extending *and* embedding from
the same API), but at the moment I don't think that work is going to be
ready in time for stage1 close.


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