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Re: Proposal for the 'long long' problems

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 01:09:37PM -0800, Nathan Myers wrote:
> On Solarix 8, strtoll is there but the other C99 junk isn't.
> You have to jimmy the configure to get long long support on 
> Solarix.  That sucks.

That's how this whole thread got started.  That's precisely the problem I'm
trying to solve.  Have you read the whole thread?  If not, please do so.
You're bitching and moaning to the choir on this point.  :-)

> The C99 features (those that are meaningful in C++ -- or did you want
> to have a flag to turn on C99's complex?) should have flags of their own.

--enable-c99 has been in the trunk sources for almost 7 months.

My proposal is simply shifting some of its features from one controlling
"found it!" variable to another.  If you want to split up the C99 features
into individual --enable-foo flags, that's a whole 'nother idea -- one
with some merit, offhand, but not an itch that's on my personal list of
things to scratch.


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