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Re: libquadmath

Hello Bienisaz,

> I have managed to compile the program using the quadmath, but the
> program works only if the libquadmath-0.dll is supplied in a working
> directory. I notice that there were some controversies on the internet,
> concerning the issue of static linking of the quadmath library, and
> there seems to be no clear solution available how to link the library
> statically. Is there any way to do this? I would appreciate a hint.

You should be able to link directly against libquadmath.a instead of the shared version.

> Another problem I see is that it seems impossible to dynamically
> allocate __float128 vectors by using "calloc" or "new". Is there
> any other way to achieve a dynamic allocation?

The following works for me:

__float128 *x = calloc(sizeof(__float128), 8);

> Yet another difficulty is that the list of available math functions
> does not contain some important functions, notably Bessel functions
> K0() and K1() (although some other Bessel functions are available).
> Are there any plans to extend the library by providing more functions
> and more elaborate support for I/O (like streams, for example)?
> More generally, are there any plans for further development of the
> library?

I do not think any further development is planned.

> Also, if there is any discussion list or other place where one can
> ask questions about the library, can you please indicate the address?
> Is there any place where one can contribute procedures to the library?

Ask on the gcc general mailing list:


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