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Git conversion: fixing email addresses from ChangeLog files

Email addresses from the ChangeLog files are not validated during
commits, so a number of typos exist in the extracted data.  I've
extracted the 'Author:' entry from a prototype conversion and then piped
that through sort and uniq -c.  Subsequent analysis shows the following
addresses/names that are likely in need of some resolution.

Several of the names differ only in case and a case-insensitive sort
would ignore these.  But some clearly show typing errors.

I've marked with a '*' those entries that I believe should be canonical,
but if you think I've made a mistake somewhere, please let me know.
It's easier to fix this before I write a script to do the changes than

There are many entries that look like unix machine names rather than
genuine email addresses for a domain.  I have *not* attempted to
canonicalize those, but if some folk would like that doing, please
supply entries in the form

'name to match <email@to-match>': 'name to use <email@to-use>',

form and I'll paste those into the conversion script.

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