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Re: What's the plan for git-only branches?


On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 12:44:25PM -0500, David Malcolm wrote:
> I'm wondering what the plan is for the git-only branches currently
> hosted on the git server.

Those should be pretty trivial to convert, *if* the chosen conversion
does not change file contents at all (it shouldn't).  But it is easier
if you do it yourself, you also need to take care of your local branch.

(The easy way to do it is using git format-patch and git am).

> I'm watching the discussion about the various conversion options, and
> wondering if there's a plan to convert those.  I don't see my branch in
> the web UI that Mark set up [2], in gcc-reposurgeon-5b, or gcc-
> pretty/gcc-reparent at least.
> What the plan for such branches?

I think the plan for user branches is for the user to take care of them
(it is easy to do, and it is very inconvenient if other people "helpfully"
do it for you -- it is *more work* for you that way!)  But of course there
will be help if you ask for it.

> Possible approaches:
> (a) that my branch(es) be added to the conversion(s), or,
> (b) be preserved on the server as-is?
> (c) Or do I need to make another copy somewhere e.g github/gitlab for
> safety's sake?

a) is a very bad idea.  b) will happen anyway: the existing mirror repo
will not go away (it might be renamed though).  c) you can of course do
-- you already *have* such a copy, your local checkout, you can make more
copies if that makes you feel safer (or if that is convenient for you).

> I'd prefer to keep the branch hosted on that server (e.g.
> is doing daily builds from the branch).
> In any case, I don't want to lose work.
> I'm wondering if there are any other such branches?

There are some.  Not super many.

User branches are in principle *volatile*, the owner can change or delete
them as he/she sees fit.


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