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Committing patches and other conventions (Was: Re: About GSOC)


On Mon, Jun 03 2019, Tejas Joshi wrote:
> Hello.
> I have already sent a patch for roundeven implementation but I do not
> know how do I commit my changes to GCC. Am I supposed to create a
> branch or anything etc?

You don't have to create a branch unless you think it would make ease
your own workflow.  Once a patch is ready to go and has been explicitely
approved by a corresponding maintainer, you will be expected to commit
it directly to svn (we'll ask for a svn write access for you when we get
to that point).  You'll find the list of maintainers in the MAINTAINERS
file of the gcc repository, I believe your patches will need approval
from a global reviewer, most probably Joseph.

Before that happens, the code must be of course considered correct but
also must adhere to some conventions, please see  Your patches so far lacked
a ChangeLog and testcases.  Have a look at what other do when they post
patches to gcc-patches:

ChangeLog has to have the given, fairly strict format, but should be
very brief.  When posting patches, you don't make it part of the patch
even though when committing, you are expected it to prepend the
corresponding ChangeLog file with your bit (see e.g. gcc/ChangeLog and

You have always stated how you tested your patches but you are actually
supposed to add the testsuite and committed along with the functional
patch, so that other can then test they do not regress on the
functionality you have just added.

That is why everybody including you has to test their patches also by

make bootstrap
make -k check

(with a -j level appropriate for your computer) and then collect *.sum
files from unpatched and patched runs and compare them (see script in
contrib/compare_tests) to make sure they did not introduce any

See section on "Testing patches" at
for more details.

Please ask about these mechanisms and conventions if anything is not
clear.  I'll go and find the latest version of your roundeven patch and
see if I can help you a little (but I am likely to finish that only
tomorrow morning).



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