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Re: [4.7,trans-mem] Summary of unsolved known bugs

stage3 is over, so let's have a look at the open bugs again...

Looking at Patrick's old list, the following bugs are still open

>     [trans-mem] save/restore of thread-local data in nested txns is missing

Aldy, you wanted to take a look. Were you able to reproduce?
I haven't looked at it in a long time...

>   * [trans-mem] problem with TM clone aliases
>     Leads to add _ITM_getTMCloneOrIrrevocable in a __transaction_atomic.
>     -> Fix proposed.

Aldy, has this been fixed? You said you were waiting for review.

>   * ICE when lto1 does not have -fgnu-tm and object file uses TM

Still open?

> Probably should be closed:
>   * libitm failures

Can be closed? the static ctor part is

>   * infinite loop when compiling

Not really related to us.  ICE on invalid.

Any other remaining issues?  Everyone, what about the "variadic argument
of _ITM_beginTransaction" that Patrick reported?

Things we still can do:
- install.texi: libitm disable/enable, needs C++ to be enabled

4.7 issues, we will look at these again for 4.8:
-  publication safety
-  setjmp hack, fix
  abnormal edges instead
- (needs no PR) STM not tuned
- (no PR yet, but an early test case): attribute (safe/unsafe/...) rules
  are not enforced
- (no PR yet) goes irrevocable early
- (no PR yet) we don't save/restore FP state on txn begin/restart
-  allow static ctors
  in transactions.
Were do we document these? In the Wiki, and copy them to the release
notes later, or what's the proper procedure here?

For libitm, I have one patch pending review (filter out undos to
libitm's stack) and want to work on a multiple-lock write-through today.
Plus perhaps some cache miss tuning.  I heard that new patches might be
allowed for libitm even though we're in stage4.

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