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Re: Can GCC emit debug information to support debug uninitialized local variables

On 2010-6-20 14:18, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
asmwarrior<> writes:
My question is: Is there any possible that GCC can emit some debug
information to indicate that one variable is initialed or not.(at
least in the DEBUG build mode)
You didn't mention which version of gcc you are testing.  With current
gcc see if the -fvar-tracking option helps.

Thanks for your time and help. I'm currently using two versions of GCC under Windows. (MinGW GCC 4.4.4 and MinGW GCC 4.5).
The gdb I built was (gdb cvs 20100613 and gdb cvs 20100618, both with python support), but both of the gdb will get crash when I run the "info locals" command.

I'm not sure I have catch the core idea about my question, because I found an old post here: ,there, you suggest add the DW_AT_start_scope somewhere.

As you said, if I add the "-fvar-tracking" option, there will have debug information included. Then, GDB can use this information to avoid to print the uninitialized local variables?


Asmwarrior ollydbg from codeblocks' forum.

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