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ChangeLog licensing issues

What license / licenses are the ChangeLogs of GCC distributed under?
This is of practical importance when I want to amend incomplete ChangeLogs
or use information from a ChangeLog to complete comments and/or documentation,
or want to write a ChangeLog for fixing a misspelling in code or documentation
that is not replicated in the ChangeLog entry for the original contribution.

Can I use function names from GPLed code to put them in a ChangeLog?
Can I use names of sections or concepts, or misspellings in GFDLed
documentation (like {trunk,branch}/gcc/doc/*.texi, which shares its
ChangeLog with GPLed code in {trunk,branch}/gcc), to put them in a ChangeLog?
Can I use narrative text from a ChangeLog to put it into a comment in GPLed
code or in GFDLed documentation?

Note, I do not reside in the USA, so AFAIC I can't use the USA's 'fair use'
provisions directly.  (If someone else uses them to effectively relicense
affected matter, I suppose I can work with the resulting work).

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