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Re: GNAT mysterious "missing stub for subunit" error.

Eric Botcazou wrote:
>>   I was planning to do whatever's needed to make it work on windows.  I
>> don't think this line cause the build failure, because it certainly
>> appeared to work, when I tried it on 4.3.2 (without all the other changes
>> to the target pair list); but for some reason the same trick isn't working
>> on 4.3.4.
> I'd do things step by step, i.e. first try to have a full cygwin port without 
> changing the EH mechanism, then change it.

  That's what I am doing, kind of, just the other way round.  In 4.3.2 I
compiled the existing port and switched it over to ZCX, and it worked well
enough to pass most of the testsuite, including EH.  Now I'm changing the
target pairs on top of that and suddenly it's complaining, which is why I'm
confused; I thought that bit was stable.

  Guess I could try backing out the EH changes and seeing what happens.  Still
don't understand what the compiler's trying to tell me is wrong though.


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