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Re: gcc 4.3.0 i386 default question

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008, David Edelsohn wrote:

> >>>>> Joel Sherrill writes:
> Joel> FAIL: scan-assembler mullhw
> Joel> Are those things which would be expected to fail on a vanilla
> Joel> 603e target without networking or disk?
> Joel> Is this another category of tests to avoid somehow?
> 	405-mullhw-1.c is invoked with -mcpu=405 and directly scans the
> assembly language output -- does not try to create an object file or run
> an executable.  If that fails, you should check if the RTEMS configuration
> somehow is inhibiting generation of the mullhwX instruction and

Also, if you use a multilib option in testing, that option goes on the 
command line *after* the options specified in dg-options.  The tests may 
need to use dg-skip-if to skip them if any CPU option other than the one 
in the test is explicitly specified (so it would be tested if no explicit 
-mcpu option is used, or if -mcpu=405 is the multilib option being 

Joseph S. Myers

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