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Re: Searching configured and relocated prefix.

On Jul 23, 2006, at 10:44 AM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

However, I think it's clear that the problems in (1) are more severe
than the problems in (2), on several grounds:

"Me too."

I actually think the problems with 1 (b) are artificial and should not
be taken into account. I actually depend on a common sysroot already and it allows
me to do development of a newer compiler much faster and it allows some of our game
developers to be able to test a new compiler without having another copy of
the SDK installed.

1(a) is not confusing at all, if people read the documentation like they should
be doing, it should be clear to them that it looks at both locations.

For 1(c), it is not going to slow it down that much, in fact it just one or two extra
stat pre original stat which should already be in the stat cache unless 1(b) comes into
play but that is a miss-configuration of their systems at that point and not really a GCC issue and should not be treated as such.

-- Pinski

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