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Re: Register Allocation

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

> The current reload pass includes general heuristics to handle
> reloading memory addresses.  This code knows things like "if stack
> pointer plus displacement is not a valid memory address, try loading
> the displacement into a register."  Many targets currently rely on
> those heuristics to generate valid code.  I haven't been able to quite
> pin down where this happens in your proposal.  For example, it's easy
> for an address to use the frame pointer and be valid before reload,
> and then for reload to eliminate the frame pointer (in fact, in your
> scheme, what does frame pointer elimination?) and produce an offset
> from the stack pointer which is invalid.  That is, spill code or frame
> pointer elimination can generate invalid address, and something needs
> to fix them up.  Where does that happen, and how?

The rable.pdf completely miss description of registers elimination.
It's important and difficult part of RA.
(The "old new-ra" also havn't eliminatin)


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