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'gcc -whatever' unrecognized option returns 0

*-rtems status on head was Re: cross newlib builds on svn head

Re: -Wuninitialized issues

10 Nov notes from GCC improvement for Itanium conference call

20040309-1.c vs overflow being undefined


MISRA C support for GCC?

SV: Re: MISRA C support for GCC?

[C++] cp_token::type and cp_token::keyword

[C++] Should the complexity of std::list::size() be O(n) or O(1)?

[c++] stuff proposed for C++0x

Re: [cft] aligning main's stack frame

[G++] Implementing a C++0x standard proprosal (Design by Contract)

[gfortran] fortran preprocessing, round 2

[gfortran] Problem parsing hexadecimal constants?

[gfortran] Second try: Problem parsing hexadecimal constants?

[gomp] ./libgomp_f.h:71: error: size of array 'test' is negative

[ia64-improvements] Rename branch

Re: [libgfortran] Patch to handle statically linked libgfortran

[PATCH] Re: ref_contains_indirect_ref always false?

[RFC] c++ template instantiation generates zero-sized array (pr 19989)

Re: [RFC] c++ template instantiation generates zero-sized array (pr19989)

[RFC] Enabling loop unrolls at -O3?

[RFC] fixproto and canadian cross builds

[rfc] new tree-codes/optabs for vectorization of non-unit-stride accesses

Re: [rfc] new tree-codes/optabs for vectorization of non-unit-strideaccesses

[RFC] PR C++/24138

[RFC] PR/24900: computed but not used cast values

[RFC] What should be the semantics of a zero-bit bit-field with pragma pack?

Re: [RFC] What should be the semantics of a zero-bit bit-field withpragma pack?

[RFH] Restrict support for trees

[Treelang] flag_signed_char

\n to \r\n in stdout


__thread and builtin memcpy() bug

Abnormal behavior of malloc in gcc-3.2.2

ACATS script generation problem

Accidentally on the list....

The actual LLVM integration patch

Ada ACATS status

Ada Broken with h_errno change

Ada on ARM

Add revision number to gcc version?

Adding new target OS for GCC

Adding the D programming language

Alias analysis of parameters

Anh vao dia chi nay nhe

announcement for our members.

Anonymous class closures in g++

apps built w/ -fstack-protector-all segfault

arm sof float

arm-rtems Ada Aligned_Word compilation error

arm-rtems4.7 Ada update

Bogus testcase?

Broken link to documentation

BROKEN: pthreads and c++ statically linked

Re: bug 24599

Re: Bug in install of gfortran for gcc-4.0.2

Build failed gcc-4.1.0-20051112 on MacOS-X 10.3.9

Build results for gcc 4.0.2 on SuSE 9.2

Build using --with-gmp and shared libraries

C++ vague linkage data

Call for compiler help/advice: atomic builtins for v3

can DECL_RESULT be 0?

Can't build 4.1 branch on Linux x86

Change in order of evaluation in 4.0.2

Checksum mismatch

Cirrus arm Maverick Crunch fixes

Code getting optimized away after instrumenation for memory analysis

Compilation of Ada for Arm failed

compiling gcc-4.0.2 on solaris 9

Re: Copies of the GCC repository

copyright assignement

Creating a partial mirror of the repository with SVK

Creating temporary variables

cross builds to avr fail

Cross compile, no grmic/grmiregistry

cross newlib builds on svn head

CSiBE compile time improvement

darwin building ppc64 libjava?

Default arguments and FUNCTION_TYPEs

Delay branch scheduling vs. the CFG

dfp-branch merge plans

Dich vu moi!!!

diffing directories with merged-as-deleted files?

Directly generating binary code [Was Re: Link-time optimzation]

Does gcc-3.4.3 for HP-UX 11.23/IA-64 work?

dump CFG and callgraph

dwarf2 basic block start information

Re: dwarf2 unwinder hacks get my static build going: Bug, or indication of what I'm doing wrong?

dwarf2 unwinder hacks get my static build going: Bug, or indication of what I'm doing wrong?

Extracting destination register from an instruction

F77 code under gcc

Re: failed to run testsuite for libstdc++ on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu for target unix/-m32

Re: failed to run testsuite for libstdc++ on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu for target unix/-m32

failed to run testsuite for libstdc++ on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnufor target unix/-m32

fixincludes make check broken?

Forw: Question about mudflap

GCC 4.0.2 build report on Fedora Core 3

Re: GCC 4.0.2 Canadian Cross Compile

GCC 4.1 branch created

gcc 4.1 release showstopper on darwin

GCC 4.1/4.2 Status Report (2005-11-18)

GCC 4.2

gcc cross-reference

gcc help

Gcc help pages about __mode__ keyword

GCC mainline now open for bug fixes under normal Stage 3 rules

gcc-3.4-20051108 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051115 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051122 is now available

gcc-3.4-20051129 is now available

GCC-3.4.5 pre-release available

GCC-3.4.5 Release Status

GCC-3.4.5 Release status report

gcc-4.0-20051110 is now available

gcc-4.0-20051117 is now available

gcc-4.0-20051124 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051105 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051112 is now available

gcc-4.1-20051125 is now available

Re: GCC-generated code and i386 condition codes behavior

Re: gcc.dg/ipa/ipa-5.c

Re: GccPowerpc eabi HowTo - probem with stido functions ( sprintf)

Hallo GCC Gurus..

How Can I Get See A Memory Map For An Executable

How implemented "typeof"

Re: Howto Cross Compile GCC to run on PPC Platform

i686-pc-cygwin crash gcc-4.0 branch

improved ia64 atomic ops

Incompatible behavior -O0, -O3, std::cout

incomplete type return types

Incorrect default options for h8300 target

Re: inline-unit-growth tweek

insufficient inline optimisation?

interesting anecdote on gcc speed

Is "-fdump-tree-original-raw" a stable feature?

Is -fvisibility patch possible on GCC 3.3.x

Is there a GIMPLE equivalent of UNSPEC?

Issue with find_tail_calls

Re: Java on uClinux

Java on uClinux (was: Null pointer check elimination)

Language and academic programs from around the world


Library commits vs Bugzilla

Link-time optimzation

The Linux binutils os released

LLVM patch X function lowering

LLVM/GCC Integration Proposal

Lowering return statements in gimple pass

m68k does not build on head

m68k exception handling

Mainline bootstrap broken

matching function for out_waiting in gcc 3.4.2

mips-irix6.5 and complex.h

Re: MISRA C support for GCC?

New branch: ia64-improvements-branch

Re: New GCC mirror

The new gcc_release script hasn't been pushed to production

new operator in gcc-3.4

Re: New SVN repo is up

no warning being displayed.

non coding contributions

non-ambiguous typedefs

Re: Null pointer check elimination

overcoming info build failures

Overwrite a file with "svn update"?

Patch reviews for 4.1

Performance regression testing?

port of the LLVM patch to the trunk

possible problem with long double

powerpc/rs6000 implicit FPU usage

ppc-linux and s390-linux compilers requiring 64-bit HWI?

pr14516 and GCC 3.4

PR24138 and flexible arrays in C++

Pragma callback to insert text in input buffer?

Problem with commas in macro parameters

problems bootstrapping gcc-4.0-20051117 on i386-pc-solaris2.10

pruning unused debugging types (enums/PR23336)

question about gcc

A question about having multiple insns for one operation

A question about memcpy

Re: Question about mudflap

A question about unable to generate reloads

Question on target specifications for a SPARC machine

Re: r106743 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog Makefile.in ...

ref_contains_indirect_ref always false?

Register Allocation

RE: resolving backslash newline whisky tango foxtrot: a proposal

Re: Results for 2.16.91 20051124 testsuite on sparc-unknown-linux-gnu

Results for 4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) testsuite on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

RFC/RFH: My new library call rewriting optimization pass is ICEing

RTEMS GCC Status Report

Running testsuite with extra --param argument

Runtime Memory Usage Graph

s390{,x} ABI incompatibility between gcc 4.0 and 4.1

Second Try: Assembly Programmer Contributions

SH: PR target/24445

Shared libraries

should _GNU_SOURCE be used in libiberty if glibc is present?

should_duplicate_loop_header_p and volatile asm statements

Skipping incompatable libaries on a SPARC cross compile

Some GCC 4.1 benchmarks (Re: Thoughts on LLVM and LTO)

Somebody broke bootstrap on trunk for x86_64

specific instantiation of static members from template class

Sta cekate?

strange result when compiling w/ -fpreprocessed but w/out -fdumpbase

Stupid issue with Bugzilla

Subscribing the mailing list

subversion trouble (was Re: Incorrect default options for h8300target)

Successful "make bootstrap" of native gcc-4.0.2 on PowerPC 405

successful 3.3.6 bootstrap on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Successful build of gcc 3.3.4

Successfull build & install of GCC 4.0.2

Successfull build & install of gcc-4.0.2 on MacOS-X 10.3.9-520.19

Successfull build of gcc-4.0.2 on MacOS-X 10.3.9

Successfull build of gcc-4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00

Successfull build of gcc-4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Successfull build of gcc-4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) on ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

Successfull build of gcc-4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Successfull build of gcc-4.1.0 20051112 (experimental) on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu


SVK Tarball for complete trunk history

SVN conversion glitch?

svn diff branch woprking copy against mainline?

svn feature request: print URL in diff output

SVN Problem?

svn repository incorrectly converted or corrupted

svn speed traversing slow filesystems

svn switch (was: New branch: ia64-improvements-branch)

Re: svn url shortcuts

Syntax question

Target processor detection

Thoughts on LLVM and LTO

timezone of svn server for -r?

toplevel Makefile.tpl hacking

Torbjorn's ieeelib.c



ultrasparc3 optimisation

unable to find a register to spill in class

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender


Unwinding through signal handlers on IA-64/Linux

updated llvm patch to the apple branch

Using Alias analysis

Vectorizer in GCC 4.0

Re: Vectorizing HIRLAM 4: complicated access patterns examined.

Re: Warning bug with -fPIC? (was Re: Some testsuite cleanups (mostly for -fPIC))

Warning bug with -fPIC? (was Re: Some testsuite cleanups (mostly for -fPIC))

weird installation problem on i686-pc-linux-gnu

What are the differences between 2.95.3 and 3.2.3?


Why doesn't combine like volatiles? (volatile_ok again, sorry!)

Wiki pages on tests cases

Working with SVK: how to get it actually work?

Would Like to Contribute, Where to Start?

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