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Re: Adding debug symbols causes segmentation faults with GCC-4.1 and MIPS...

On Sep 12, 2005, at 7:17 PM, Steven J. Hill wrote:


I attempted to search through Bugzilla, but I did not find anything that
matched my query. When using the options '-O0' and '-g' together with GCC-4.1.0,
I get an executable that will segfault. If I use all the other optimizations of
-O1, -O2 or -Os I do not have this problem. I am using binutils-2.16.1, a
checkout of gcc-4.1 from 20050604 and uClibc. Has anyone else seen something
like this? My compile and link lines look like the following:

/build/buildroot-nptl-debug/build_mips/staging_dir/bin/mips-linux- uclibc-gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O0 -mno-split-addresses -g - c clone.c -o clone.o
/build/buildroot-nptl-debug/build_mips/staging_dir/bin/mips-linux- uclibc-gcc
-g -Wl,-warn-common -static clone.o -o clone

I've not seen it, but do you see it with, say, those options and the simulator testsuite? (I don't have one built at the moment or I'd check myself.)

Otherwise, what's the code look like where they segfault?


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