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Re: New port contribution - picoChip

Daniel Towner <> wrote:

> The linker and assembler used by the port are proprietary, and can't
> be made publicly available at this point. The port will have to be
> assembler output only.

I suppose this means that nobody but you will ever be able to run/test your
backend. If you are fine with this, I don't think anybody will object.

> Custom test procedures are used, which don't currently work with
> DejaGNU. This will be fixed at some point.

Are you still able to produce mails which resemble the DejaGNU output (for
gcc-testresults@ mailing list)? It is common to watch status reports in that
mailing list to understand "how much live" a port is. I suggest you to
regurarly post reports to show that the port is not bitrotting.

You will also have to officially volunteer to be the maintainer of the port.
I suppose this was implicit in your mail.

I suggest you to double check also the list present in this mail:

This was never publically approved, but it reflects views of many GCC
maintainers. Surely it does not hurt to follow those guidelines, even if
they are (yet) not showstoppers for a backend inclusion.
Giovanni Bajo

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