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Re: Details for svn test repository

On Thu, 2005-02-10 at 02:10 +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> > Again, please note that i did not convert all the tags for this test
> > repo.
> > 
> > We have >1000 tags.  Of those, all but about 100 are bs tags (ie merging
> > tags, unlabeled tags from rtag -F).
> > There are also 800 unlabeled branches i deleted in the latest revision
> > of the branches subdir, all from rtag -F usage.
> Is there a need for a flat tag/branch namespace, or could all these odd 
> tags go e.g. as subdirectories of tags/unlabeled and branches/unlabeled 
> when the final conversion is done?

All of the unlabeled tags/branches really shouldn't be there at all,
actually. They have nothing in them.
I plan on excluding them from the final dump (if and when we decide to
move to subversion).
I also plan on excluding merge tags
> Looking at the test repository, I see .cvsignore files as something that 
> could be removed after the final move is done, being obsoleted by 
> svn:ignore properties which have been initialized from the .cvsignore 
> files.  But I also note the following:
> Why is there a nonempty current svn:ignore property on gcc/doc/ when the 
> .cvsignore file there was removed some time ago?

Because it didn't notice it was deleted (IE it picked it up along the

> How do I view the history of the changes to versioned properties on a 
> directory?  I can view the properties of an individual revision with svn 
> proplist / svn propget, but svn log on the directory shows changes to the 
> files in the directory and not changes to the properties of the directory 
> itself.

If you add -v it will tell you what paths changed.
Then you have to do it the normal diff way to see what actually changed.
dberlin@linux:~/bobw/bob> svn diff

Property changes on:
Name: foo
   - bar2
   + bar

Index: fred.c
--- fred.c      (revision 4)
+++ fred.c      (working copy)
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+add some text

By the way guys, i'm in the midst of speeding up blame/annotate/ann by a
very large factor.  Please do not use it in the meanwhile, as it is
ridiculously slow for our files :)

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