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Stage 2

As of now, we're in Stage 2 on the mainline.

This was scheduled for July 1st, but it made sense to delay until 3.4.1 was released.

As a reminder, Stage 2 means that major changes (the kind that would normally be done on a branch) should not be merged in after this point. However, less invasive changes and ehnancements are fine until we reach Stage 3; there's no requirement that changes fix bugs or regressions.

I'm targeting September 6th for Stage 3. Stage 3 may go on for quite some time, if the regression lists are looking long, so it would be good to get started on fixing regressions even now.

The LNO merge is ongoing, and will continue. The LNO folks have been kindly chopping up there stuff into digestible bits, and they should not be penalized for that; if they had tried to check it all in at once that would have been worse.

I'm sure there's more stuff out there that people would like to get merged in, but the next release will already have tree-ssa and LNO, so that's a lot of excitement already. :-)

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC
(916) 791-8304

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