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target hooks for structure layout

Some time ago a patch of mine was rejected as we had reached the
threshold for hackiness in stor-layout.c, and it was suggested that
the hacks be broken out into target hooks.  This is the first step in
moving towards that goal.

I propose that three hooks be added for target-specific structure
layout, providing access to three levels of detail to optimize the
amount of work the target maintainer needs to do.

1. layout_structure()

	Called once per struct or union type, the target does all the
	work for laying out the structure.  The default hook will
	contain the code from layout_type()'s RECORD/UNION/QUAL_UNION
	case, with such code modified to call the next hook.

2. layout_structure_field()

	Called once per field.  The default hook will effectively be
	place_field, modified to call the next hook.

3. layout_structure_bitfield()

	Called once per bitfield.  This will be called from
	place_field for bitfields.  The default hook will be one of a
	few functions which handle the pcc/non-pcc/ms cases.

Note that the APIs for these needs to be such that the target can
optionally chain to one of the default handlers for common cases that
it need not handle, thus reducing code duplication.  For example, a
target might call the PCC bitfield layout function, but tweak the
alignment for certain types of fields first, or pad some types in some

So, does this seem like an appropriate set of hooks for structure

The case I was trying to work on which was rejected was Renesas ABI
structures, where bitfields are always allocated LSB first, NOT
low-address first.  For this case, I'd need to hook the first and
third case above; the first so I can tweak the offsets after the
structure is laid out and the third would chain to either the usual
hook (GCC mode) or the MS-compatible hook (Renesas mode).

(or maybe I'd do it some other way, who knows ;)

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