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Re: lno-branch vs ptr-to-member

> On Jun 8, 2004, at 12:38 PM, Zdenek Dvorak wrote:
> >> I'm not familiar enough with ptr-to-member to figure out what it ought
> >> to be doing,
> >> but this isn't it.
> >
> > neither do I.  From what you describe it seems that chrec_convert
> > decides that it does not know anything special to do with the 
> > conversion (which
> > is OK) and just passes it to convert (which seems OK to me), which 
> > probably
> > should be able to handle it somehow (the other possibility being that
> > the gimplified code is wrong).
> OK, I guess we need help from the experts in those areas to tell which
> of these is true.  I'll try working around it by not trying to do this 
> particular
> conversion, but I tend to agree that's not the right fix.
> This is PR 15881.

Calling convert from the middle-end is asking for troubles.  One it creates
non-gimple, two it prints out error message which is bad for the middle.
I posted a patch to change all of the convert to fold_convert in tree-scalar-evolution.c
at <>.  This fixes
this error as I had changed fold_convert to treat OFFSET_TYPE to be just like

Andrew Pinski

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