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Re: Additional default include directory on Tru64 UNIX

Albert Chin wrote:
The Compaq DTK compiler, the commercial version of the system C
compiler, includes additional header files in /usr/include.dtk. Does
it make sense to add this directory to the default search path for GCC
and for fixincludes if /usr/include.dtk is available? The Compaq DTK
compiler searches includes in /usr/include.dtk before /usr/include.

This is hard to say, since you have provided no information about the files in /usr/include.dtk. However, my guess would be no. These may be DTK specific header files that won't work with gcc, just like the fixincluded header files that gcc installs are not meant to be used by other compilers.

Just including an additional directory on the search path is not enough, we also need to fixinclude it. We may also need to include extra libraries when linking, as the additional header files may assume non-standard library functions are available in additional library files.

There are also possible problems with reproducing bug reports here. If GCC behaves differently on a system with the Compaq DTK compiler installed than on a system without it, then that would cause a lot of confusion for people trying to fix bug reports.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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