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Re: gcc 3.4.0 m68k-elf generates illegal code for ColdFire (maybea fix)

Peter Barada wrote:
I believe all your patches are already in CVS, with the
exception of the addsi3_5200 fix.

Is there anything else I've omitted?

I'd like to submit a cleanup patch to remove comments
copied over from gccint.texi from m68k.h.  This may
be rather disruptive for external patches.  Would you
like me to hold this patch until you're done with your

I'm done with patches for the moment. I watned to make sure that these patches made it into the tree before gcc-3.4/4.0 forked off. I'll pull out the latest and look it over to see if everything is there.

Well, it's a bit late now: 3_4-branch has been created over one month ago. I'll backport all your fixes if Mark Mitchell approves them, but enhancements will have to remain external patches.

I'm assuming you mean cleaning up m68k.h when you say 'copied over
from gccint.texi from m68k.h'.

Generic comments copied in back-ends are bad because they tend to be out-of-sync with the official documentation, so they must be removed, despite being easier to consult.

This topic was discussed on the GCC ml some time ago and some
other back-ends have already been cleaned up.

Are you planning on migrating the m68k_output_mi_thunk patch
over to gcc-3.4?  It's needed there as well.

I've already asked :-)

 // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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