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Re: precompiled header support

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 02:14:15PM +0200, Gunther Nikl wrote:
>   I have no idea how much memory GCC requires as a minimum. I am using
>   C only and I never had troubles with only 128+12 MB.
> > I really have trouble seeing a recent gcc being useful on that class
> > of machine, unless it has a heck of a lot more memory than I had, or
> > unless some kind of vmem handler has been installed...
>   GCC users are expected to have more than 16MB of memory and anyone
>   using GCC3 on AmigaOS certainly has more than 16MB of memory.
>   Gunther

This is a gigantic amount of memory compared to what I had on my amiga...
for which I cannot get any more memory in any case, since the memory
chips have been discontinued anyways.

gcc on amiga has always been somewhat of a hack. The geek gadgets
implementation of the C library is rather... special in any case,
especially the part that deals with automatic stack extension, for instance, 
and I don't really see how playing games with absolute addresses for pch
is any different than relying on mmap() semantics on a Unix system...
Of course, amigaos is just one OS, but really, what is going on in the
memory allocator of newer gcc is a highly specialized unix-only hack in
any case...

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