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Re: error for _muldi3.o

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Shinpei Kato <> writes:
>>>This error occurs while compiling the function __muldi3 in the file
>>>libgcc2.c.  You should be able to recreate the problem using the
>>>command line which appears in your make log.  Use the --save-temps
>>>option to get the preprocessed file (libgcc2.i).  That is a test case
>>>for your compiler crash.  Figure out why the compiler is crashing, and
>>>fix it.
>>I got libgcc2.i, BUT, I'm such a newbie to GCC that I can't see what
>>this file is meaning... What kind of section should I check?
> If you run the same gcc command line with the -v option, you will see
> that gcc invokes cc1.  Run the cc1 command line.  You should see the
> failure.  Now run cc1 under the debugger.  Set breakpoints.  Figure
> out the problem.  If that is not enough to help, you need to ask
> somebody else.

IMHO, a far simpler solution is to use Alexandre Oliva's
"debug" script:

Alexandre's "debug" and "cvs-utils" make life much
simpler while hacking on GCC.

cvs-utils can be found in:

"clcleanup" and it's complement "cl2patch" are especially
useful for submitting patches with ChangeLogs and applying
submitted patches at a later date correctly.

Thanks Alexandre!


Ranjit Mathew          Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.      Web:

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