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Re: Setting milestones on PRs for bugs already fixed

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 11:27, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> > The night before last I closed PR target6434.  This bug was finally
> > fixed in the 3.4 release, but nobody updated the PR to reflect this.
> Well, there was no cvs-commit message to Bugzilla bound to that PR anyway.
> Whoever fixed it didn't include the PR number in the ChangeLog. Even if we
> (bugmasters) try to watch closely the CVS activity, we are not supposed to know
> which PR each patch fixes, if any. And I think that closing the bug should be
> up to the maintainer who committed the patch, even if we always double check.

I'm not blaming anybody -- either bugmasters or Daniel (who fixed the
bug -- he almost certainly came across the bug independently and fixed
it without reference to Bugzilla).  Since we don't have a policy that
changes are only made against Bugzilla entries it would be foolish to
imply fault here.  In fact, if there is any blame, it probably falls on
me as the principal maintainer of the ARM back-end: I should have
remembered that there was a PR on this and asked Daniel to
cross-reference it.


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