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Re: Setting milestones on PRs for bugs already fixed

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 10:49:17AM +0100, Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> The night before last I closed PR target6434.  This bug was finally
> fixed in the 3.4 release, but nobody updated the PR to reflect this.
> That brings up a question.  What should the milestone be set to?
> If I set it to 3.4.0 then that will correctly reflect the release that
> fixed the problem, but that is already out now, so the closure of this
> bug will never appear in any release notes.

In the special case of 3.4.0, I did not prepare an explicit release notes
list; there is just a Bugzilla query.  That was a one-time solution
because there were over 900 bugs, and my usual practice of organizing the
fixed bugs and modifying titles to make them clearer didn't seem feasible.
So what that means is that the link from gcc-3.4/changes.html will find
your report if you set the target for 3.4.0.

> If I set it to 3.4.1 then the closure will appear in the 3.4.1 release
> notes, but it might be slightly misleading as to when the problem was
> really resolved.

My suggestion as Release Notes Guy is as follows: for the 3.4.0 case only,
if you find that anything was missed, go ahead and set the target for
3.4.0.  In the future (since I plan to go back to my previous releases
notes procedure), set the target milestone appropriately *and* send me
mail, and I'll do a patch tot he release notes.

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