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3.3.3 release notes [first draft]

Here is the first draft of the bug fix list for 3.3.3.  Please let me
know about any errors and omissions; suggestions for improved descriptions
of bugs are also welcome.

GCC 3.3.3 has not yet been released, but will go out Real Soon Now.

The list will be converted to HTML (I have a Perl script to do most of the
work, but it then requires a bit of hand-tweaking of the output) and will
be added to .

I need to clarify the status of preprocessor/13046; is it in 3.3.3 or not?


This document lists the problem reports (PRs) from GCC's bug tracking
system (Bugzilla) that are known to be fixed in the 3.3.3 release. This
list might not be complete (that is, it is possible that some PRs
that have been fixed are not listed here).

3.3.3 is a bug fix release only; there are no new features that were not
present in GCC 3.3.2.  The only exceptions are minor changes in the C++
standard library that implement the decisions the ISO C++ standards
committee has made concerning several defect reports (60, 63, 292, 300,
328).  Object code and libraries are believed to be fully binary
compatible with code and libraries from previous GCC 3.3.x releases
(though, as always, free software developers cannot provide any

To see details of any bug, visit , where the
##### is replaced by the actual bug number.

Here is the list of fixes with respect to GCC 3.3.2:

Bootstrap failures and issues

11890 Building cross gcc-3.3.1 for sparc-sun-solaris2.6 fails
12399 boehm-gc fails (when building a cross compiler): libtool unable to
      infer tagged configuration
13068 doesn't handle multi-level multilib subdirectories properly

Internal compiler errors (multi-platform)

10060 ICE (stack overflow) on huge file (300k lines) due to recursive
      behaviour of copy_rtx_if_shared, in emit_rtl.c
10555 (c++) ICE on undefined template argument
10706 (c++) ICE in mangle_class_name_for_template
11496 (fortran) error in flow_loops_find when -funroll-loops active
11741 ICE in pre_insert_copy_insn, in gcse.c
12440 GCC crashes during compilation of quicktime4linux 2.0.0
12632 (fortran) -fbounds-check ICE
12712 (c++) ICE on short legit C++ code fragment with gcc 3.3.2
12726 (c++) ICE (segfault) on trivial code
12890 (c++) ICE on compilation of class with throwing method
12900 (c++) ICE in rtl_verify_flow_info_1
13060 (fortran)	ICE in fixup_var_refs_1, in function.c on correct code
      with -O2 -fno-force-mem
13289 (c++) ICE in regenerate_decl_from_template on recursive template
13318 ICE: floating point exception in the loop optimizer
13392 (c++) ICE in convert_from_eh_region_ranges_1, in except.c
13574 (c++) invalid array default initializer in class lets gcc consume
      all memory and die
13475 ICE on SIMD variables with partial value initialization
13797 (c++) ICE on invalid template parameter
13824 (java) gcj SEGV with simple .java program

C and optimization bugs

 8776 loop invariants are not removed (most likely)
10339 [sparc,ppc,ppc64] Invalid optimization: replacing strncmp by memcmp
11350 undefined labels with -Os -fPIC
12826 Optimizer removes reference through volatile pointer
12500 stabs debug info -- void no longer a predefined / builtin type
12941 builtin-bitops-1.c miscompilation (latent bug)
12953 tree inliner bug (in inline_forbidden_p) and fix
13041 linux-2.6/sound/core/oss/rate.c miscompiled
13507 spurious printf format warning
13382 Type information for const pointer disappears during optimisation.
13394 noreturn attribute ignored on recursive invokation
13400 Compiled code crashes storing to read-only location
13521 Endless loop in calculate_global_regs_live

C++ compiler and library

 2094 unimplemented: use of `ptrmem_cst' in template type unification
 2294 using declaration confusion
 5050 template instantiation depth exceeds limit: recursion problem?
 9371 Bad exception handling in i/ostream::operator>>/<<(streambuf*)
 9546 bad exception handling in ostream members
10081 basic_ios::_M_cache_locale leaves NULL members in the face of
      unknown locales
10093 [L DR 61] Setting failbit in exceptions doesn't work
10095 istream::operator>>(int&) sets ios::badbit when ios::failbit is set.
11554 Warning about reordering of initializers doesn't mention location
      of constructor
12297 istream::sentry::sentry() handles eof() incorrectly.
12352 Exception safety problems in src/
12438 Memory leak in locale::combine()
12540 Memory leak in locale::locale(const char*)
12594 DRs 60 [TC] and 63 [TC] not implemented
12657 Resolution of DR 292 (WP) still unimplemented
12696 memory eating infinite loop in diagnostics (error recovery problem)
12815 Code compiled with optimization behaves unexpectedly
12862 Conflicts Between typedefs/enums and Namespace Member Declarations
12926 Wrong value after assignment in initialize list using bit-fields
12967 Resolution of DR 300 [WP] still unimplemented
12971 Resolution of DR 328 [WP] still unimplemented
13007 basic_streambuf::pubimbue, imbue wrong
13009 Implicitly-defined assignment operator writes to wrong memory
13057 regparm attribute not applied to destructor
13070 -Wformat option ignored in g++
13081 forward template declarations in <complex> let inlining fail
13239 Assertion does not seem to work correctly anymore
13262 "xxx is private within this context" when initializing a 
      self-contained template class
13290 simple typo in concept checking for std::generate_n
13323 Template code does not compile in presence of typedef
13369 __verify_grouping (and __add_grouping?) not correct
13371 infinite loop with packed struct and inlining
13445 Template argument replacement "dereferences" a typedef
13461 Fails to access protected-ctor from public constant
13462 Non-standard-conforming type set::pointer
13478 gcc uses wrong constructor to initialize a const reference
13544 "conflicting types" for enums in different scopes
13650 string::compare should not (always) use traits_type::length()
13683 bogus warning about passing non-PODs through ellipsis
13688 Derived class is denied access to protected base class member class
13774 Member variable cleared in virtual multiple inheritance class
13884 Protect sstream.tcc from extern template use

Java compiler and library

10746 [win32] garbage collection crash in GCJ

Objective-C compiler and library

11433 Crash due to dereferencing null pointer when querying protocol

12633 logical expression gives incorrect result with -fugly-logint option
13037 [gcse-lm] g77 generates incorrect code
13213 Hex constant problem when compiling with -fugly-logint and -ftypeless-boz

 4490 ICE with -m128bit-long-double
12292 [x86_64] ICE: RTL check: expected code `const_int', have `reg' 
      in make_field_assignment, in combine.c
12441 ICE: can't find a register to spill
12943 array static-init failure under -fpic, -fPIC
13608 Incorrect code with -O3 -ffast-math


11598 testcase gcc.dg/20020118-1.c fails runtime check of 
11793 ICE in extract_insn, in recog.c (const_vector's)
12467 vmsumubm emitted when vmsummbm appropriate (typo in
12537 g++ generates writeable text sections

12496 wrong result for __atomic_add(&value, -1) when using -O0 -m64
12865 mprotect call to make trampoline executable may fail
13354 ICE in sparc_emit_set_const32

10467 [arm] ICE in pre_insert_copy_insn,

11226 ICE passing struct arg with two floats
11227 ICE for _Complex float, _Complex long double args
12644 GCC 3.3.2 fails to compile glibc on ia64
13149 build gcc-3.3.2 1305 error:unrecognizable insn

12654 Incorrect comparison code generated for Alpha
12965 SEGV+ICE in cc1plus on alpha-linux with -O2
13031 ICE (unrecognizable insn) when building gnome-libs-1.4.2


11634 [hppa] ICE in verify_local_live_at_start, in flow.c
12158 [hppa] compilation does not terminate at -O1

11992 Wrong built-in code for memcmp with length 1<<24: only (1<<24)-1 
      possible for CLCL-Instruction

 9365 segfault in gen_far_branch (config/sh/sh.c)
10392 optimizer generates faulty array indexing
11322 SH profiler outputs multiple definitions of symbol
13069 gcc/config/sh/rtems.h broken
13302 Putting a va_list in a struct causes seg fault
13585 Incorrect optimisation of call to sfunc

Other Embedded target specific
 8916 [mcore] unsigned char assign gets hosed.
11576 [h8300] ICE in change_address_1, in emit-rtl.c
13122 [h8300] local variable gets corrupted by function call when 
      -fomit-frame-pointer is given
13256 [cris] strict_low_part mistreated in delay slots
13373 [mcore] optimization with -frerun-cse-after-loop
      -fexpensive-optimizations produces wrong code on mcore

GNU HURD-specific
12561 gcc/config/t-gnu needs updating to work with --with-sysroot

Tru64 Unix specific
 6243 testsuite fails almost all tests due to no libintl in
      LD_LIBRARY_PATH during test.
11397 weak aliases broken on Tru64 UNIX

12505 build failure due to defines of uchar in cpphash.h and sys/types.h
13150 WEAK symbols not exported by collect2

12666 fixincludes problem on IRIX 6.5.19m

12969 Including sys/byteorder.h breaks configure checks

Testsuite problems (compiler is not affected)

10819 testsuite creates CR+LF on compiler version lines in test summary files
11612 abi_check not finding correct


13211 using -###, incorrect warnings about unused linker file are produced

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