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Re: About embedding GCC, GCC compiling with Visual Studio...

Grégoire Péan wrote:
- is there an existing attempt to make a Visual Studio project (even to
create executable) for GCC?
- Do I have a chance to succeed?
- Would an experienced GCC programmer (creator?) accept to help me?

I have seen a few previous messages from people that have tried and failed.

I have no knowledge of Visual Studio, I've never used it. However, I am skeptical that you can convert gcc into a Visual Studio project. Gcc has an involved build process, and all of the details are encoded in a GNU Makefile. It would be difficult to extract all of this info out into another format. More importantly, the gcc build process changes frequently, so even if you did extract out the info, it would quickly be obsoleted unless it was maintained in parallel, and we are unlikely to help you with that.

There is also another issue here that if you build gcc into a library, then you have to worry about GPL issues. If this library gets linked with any other code, then that code gets covered by the GPL which is probably not what you intended.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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