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About embedding GCC, GCC compiling with Visual Studio...


I?ve published a small article on
(, providing a way to use GCC
(G++) as an embedded compiler to use C++ as a scripting language on Windows
platforms (for the moment). However, the way I embed GCC is not satisfying
at all, since I take binaries from MinGW, and Gecko (the name of my project)
is just calling g++.exe then dllwrap.exe?

The perfect thing would be that I had GCC/++ compiled into a static library,
or DLL, but I have a lot of trouble as you may have guessed with the UNIX
way of life.
Indeed, to compile GCC I need to run configure and makefile, which I?ve
tried to do, with Cygwin, because these scripts generate necessary config.h
and so on. 
But in fact I would like to create a Visual Studio DLL/static library
project, and I don?t want to compile GCC to have another gcc.exe, which
thing makefile achieves.
The problem is, I don?t know what files to add to the project, or anyway, I
don?t know if it is really possible?

So here are my questions :
- is there an existing attempt to make a Visual Studio project (even to
create executable) for GCC?
- Do I have a chance to succeed?
- Would an experienced GCC programmer (creator?) accept to help me?

Best regards,

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