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Re: Readiness of tree-ssa

> We've been building DLV nightly and it seems to work.  The last build
> was on Jan/17.  Has it broken since then?

I only have this mail from him:
This is from 2004-01-11, so may well be outdated already.

> We're having some problems building POOMA, though they seem
> configuration related.  Brian, have you had any luck with it?

Richard didn't seem too happy:

> Is there a PR for the problems you're having with your code?

I gave it in my mail. It's PR 13681. Steven already analyzed it, but since 
then it's been sitting idle.

> Let's face it, when we merge the branch, we expect to have some amount
> of fixing work to do.  We can't pretend that the code will be releasable
> by then.  But we need to make sure that we merge in a state where the
> problems are manageable.

But that's exactly the point -- to figure out which state the branch it is in, 
it would be nice if those people that find a non-negligible number of our 
bugs before something is actually released, could actually test the branch. I 
understand that tree-ssa is able to compile and run a significant number of 
applications at the moment, but the fact that the application testers inside 
gcc are not satisfied at the moment indicates that there is some work still 
to be done.

I have a nightly tester that I'd like to run, but that only makes sense if I 
can compile my application. I'll make you the following deal: you make my 
application compile, and I'll make sure that within a few days I'll get to 
check whether and how many miscompilations I have, and file PRs for each of 
them. Then we'll have a clearer picture of the state of the branch. I could 
imagine that other application testers would do similar things.

This way the total number of bugs to be fixed is the same as if we merged now, 
but we'll have less disruption of mainline.


Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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