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Re: [RFC] Contributing tree-ssa to mainline

On Tuesday 20 January 2004 13:38, Richard Kenner wrote:
>     It's not a replacement for real documentation (that we're also working
>     on) but it makes the code much easier to understand.  And you don't
>     have to grep so much, if you see a functions you don't know yet, just
>     follow a link and see what it does.
> I would *much* prefer to see all documentation in the sources.

We all do.  Which is why the documentation _is_ in the sources.

> The code
> needs to be self-contained and not to web pages someplace.

The code _is_ self-contained and the "web pages someplace" are extra.  And
they are not "someplace", you can generate them yourself.  Also in TeX
format, if you prefer that.  The content in the web pages is extracted from
the source files.  They are a bonus: They are the source in browsable format.

>  If you print
> out a set of files to read on an airplane, for example, you want to have
> all the necessary documentation in those files.

So I repeat:
The documentation _is_ in the sources.  _And_ in the web pages.  This
is more source documentation than we have now.  The web pages are extra.

This has been discussed in length in many threads in late 2002.


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