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Re: gcc 3.5 integration branch proposal

Paul Koning <> writes:

>  >> * Correct code generation * Fewer ICEs * Standards conformance *
>  >> Compilation speed * Performance * Features * Release frequency *
>  >> Release timeliness
>  >> 
>  >> We need to figure out how to balance those goals better without
>  >> losing ground in areas where we recently have been improving.
> I can see why some of this ordering would be subject to disagreement,
> but I would hope that there also are partial orderings that are NOT
> debatable. 
> The general rule of software engineering is that correctness comes
> first, performance and schedule after that.

I don't believe that statement is correct as an absolute.

For instance, a product that never ships is *not* better than a
product that ships with bugs.  It is significantly worse.

Likewise, a product that is guaranteed to produce the correct answer,
but will take 400 years, is much worse than a product that has a 99%
chance of producing the correct answer in 10 minutes.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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