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Re: Classifying bugs

Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR> writes:

| > Many bugs?
| Yes, from my experience with e.g. Ada PRs, many PRs have either a wrong priority
| or wrong dependencies making PRs look like they are dependent on others
| and blocking all of them while this is not necessary. I guess the latter
| is probably Ada specific because people are not very familiar with how
| things work, but the former looks more like a general trend.

Peobably, there is something about how Ada maintainers have dealt with
Ada-related PRs in the past; but I would not generalize that to other

| I'd say that around 50% of the PRs I have dealt with had to be
| recategorized/reprioritized.
| > From the audit trails that prompted my comment, I have not seen that
| > scenario being "many".
| Aren't you are basing your judgement on an 'after the fact' basis, meaning
| that you are only taking into account actualy changes of priorities that
| brought your attention.

As my original message said, I'm basing my comments on the recent
recategorization on the ground of "clearing the road" for 3.4.0.

| I'd guess there are still many PRs wrongly
| categorized simply because people do not have the time to correct them.

PRs get recategorized as people get more and more understanding of
them.  I was not talking of that.

-- Gaby

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