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Re: Classifying bugs

Arnaud Charlet <charlet@ACT-Europe.FR> writes:

| >   While I understand that they are doing what they think is good
| > for "clearing the road" for 3.4.0, I do not agree with the general
| > trend of closing/downgrading as many as  PRs as possible just to make
| > to it look as if they were very few bugs.  In particular, such actions 
| > should be conducted under clear guidance from the appropriate Release
| > Manager.  A Release Manager may decide to ship even if there were some
| > high priority bugs; they need not be downgraded first.
| I generally agree with this comment.
| On the other hand, you have to consider what is happening in reality
| for many bugs: the reporter of a bug typically considers /his/ problem

Many bugs?

| blocking, while this is very typically not the case and affects only
| very specific options or very specific sequence of actions. Not even
| talking about other subtleties such as regression/vs non regression, etc...

>From the audit trails that prompted my comment, I have not seen that
scenario being "many".

-- Gaby

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