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Re: When to emit C++ debug info?

On Jan 5, 2004, at 11:02 AM, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

(B) Everything you need to produce this information is already
available to the user (i.e. the headers).  Why should it be built with
the library?

1) To reduce compile-time 2) To reduce size of .o files 3) To reduce link time. In one project we have seen it reduced by 20 %. When link time dominates typical compile-link-debug cycle this is significant.

Because it needs to be done only once. No need for tool chain
to do any redundant task. If library vendor does not supply it then
user can do it only once. That is also big saving.

(C) Have you ever tried to go back to a vendor and ask them to build
something else and ship it to you to make your life easier?

I can see a vendor who supplies only source codes, asking this question. But for the others, it may not be too much extra work (if tool chain do it nicely).

Try it
some time, it's not a refreshing (or cheap) experience.

I do not know about other vendors, but we're exploring this actively here at Apple.


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