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Re: compile server status?

> On Wednesday, October 29, 2003, at 05:44 AM, Alex Hornby wrote:
> >I was wondering what the status of the compile server branch was.  I 
> >haven't seen anything about it on the list for a while.
> Ongoing development.  I'm just about ready to check in snarf-n-barf for 
> fragments so that things like:
> foo.h:
> 	int i = 1;
> that output assembly code such as:
> .globl i
> i:
> 	.word 1
> is reoutput in reused fragments.  Next will be cpp macro management for 
> C++ and then reuse and timestamp fixes for C++.
> Per is working on detangling dup_decls so that we don't modify the old 
> decl.  This will be really handy for C++ fragment management.  Per and 

This would be very helpfull for unit-at-a-time code as well.  Would be
possible to make this go into mainline soon? (well perhaps into tree-ssa


> I sit within 20 feet of each other, so even when we don't generate lots 
> of volume on the list, we do usually generate a bit of face time, 
> specially for design issues, hard problems and other such things.
> If you'd like to contribute...  :-)  We're happy to have any help...  
> There is still plenty of work that needs to be done before testing is 
> very useful, though, regtesting might be useful to me.

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