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Re: Disabling fixproto: OS-less embedded targets?

>Hmm, I must be missing something. I thought fixproto does more than
>KnR->ANSI prototype conversion? If adding ANSI-prototypes is all we are
>discussing about, then I hereby withdraw my comments.

It actually does a *little* bit more (see below).

The confusing part is that there are *two* programs: 'fixincludes' and
'fixproto'.  'fixincludes' does all kinds of specific fixes for header
file bugs and should be used by everyone.

'fixproto' mostly inserts prototypes for unprototyped functions.
(It inserts protoypes for functions which appear without prototypes,
and for certain standard functions if they don't appear at all.)

But fixproto also makes the following curious little changes, which if they
are needed by themselves should be moved to fixincludes:
* Creates dummy unistd.h, stdlib.h, string.h, time.h if they don't exist
* Declares 'errno' in errno.h if it was missing
* Adds S_ISBLK, S_ISCHR, S_ISDIR, S_ISFIFO, S_ISLNK and S_ISREG to sys/stat.h
  if they were missing *and* the S_IFxxx macros were present

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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