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Re: Starting to track patches through bugzilla

On Sep 26, 2003, at 5:56 PM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

Please make it non-case-sensitive, so that [patch] and [Patch] work too.

A variant on this is such notations as [C Patch] and [C++ Patch].

If the patch has already been applied when the mail is sent, there
probably isn't much point in opening a bug for it (given the point of
finding patches that fall through the cracks). So that should have some
notation to indicate it's already been applied (whether in the subject, or
along the lines of the automatic closing notation). Avoiding [PATCH] in
the subject if you maintain the relevant part of the compiler and so have
already applied the patch seems like too much of a kludge.

How bout [committed] instead of [patch]?

Arguably it should be possible to mark a patch as being for a particular
bug, [Patch] PR 98765, and then get the discussion attached to the
existing bug report rather than a new one. But this would complicate
automatic closing (an applied patch might or might not *completely* fix
the original bug).

I'm just trying to track patches, then we'll look at trying to associate patch bugs and non-patch bugs, etc.

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