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Bizarre symbol names generated by g++


These are probably very silly newbie questions, but I've been unable to get
anything meaningful out of the mailing list's search engine...

I'm having difficulties understanding the symbol names created by g++ when
compiling C++ source code. I'm running g++ 3.2.1 on Solaris 2.8

When I compile a simple function like this:

	bool render(node* aNode, struct gv__ContentItem &rendered);

... I don't get a symbol "render", I get this:


...which is complicating my life a bit because I was hoping to use these
functions in a dynamic library. dlsym() works okay if passed that label...
but it's not a particularly pretty or understandable thing to look at!

I've tried playing with various compiler options but haven't hit on a
combination yet to make this string understandable. I presume that the
weirdness is due to the necessity to have different symbol names for
overloaded functions.

I assume that the gibberish bares some resemblance to the function name and
its arguments... if I had a way to determine what the symbol name was going
to be then I'd be able to code to that. [I can spot the type names easily
enough, but what do "Z6", "P4" and "R15" mean or imply?] Alternatively if
there's a way to revert to 'normal' symbols, then I'd like to do that.

This has also been causing me pain when I use gdb (v5.0) because it makes
navigating around C++ stack traces difficult. Is there a more recent version
of gdb that handles C++ better (for example doesn't keep saying "'this' is
not an aggregate" when you try to do anything)?

Thanks in advance,


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