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Re: GCC and memory segments

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On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 11:30:41PM -0700, Jim Wilson wrote:
> Bernd Jendrissek wrote:
> >I believe DJ Delorie has done some work on realmode x86 code generation.
> This is off the link I gave.  To be a little more precise

Ah - thanks.  Lost it out of my lynx_bookmarks - now back.

> >So how do I work with segments?
> I would suggest making Pmode be PSImode.  This will let you distinguish 

Ironically, about half an hour after my mail, I got to the place where says what to do with Pmode.

> pointers from integers.  You can then write PSImode patterns that know 
> how to load the upper part of an address into a segment register.  This 
> effectively makes every pointer a far pointer.  After you get this 
> working, you can worry about optimizing it to avoid redundant segment 
> register loads.
> Or you could make pointers HImode, then every pointer is a near pointer.

And a marvelous day it will be if/when even that works.

> Gcc only supports one size of pointer, so you either have to make all 
> pointers near pointers or all pointers far pointers.  If you need both, 
> you are out of luck.

I figured as much.  I ended up doing

#define Pmode (TARGET_FAR_POINTERS ? SImode : HImode)

Hmm, I'll look at SImode vs. PSImode.  Is that the whole idea of partial
integer modes - integer-like in most ways, but not actually an integer?
IOW ideal for dealing with these weirdo pointers?

Could I make all pointers SImode/PSImode unconditionally, and then have
GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS accept segment-less addresses depending on
attributes?  I'd have to expend some effort to *get* the attributes,
though, no?

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