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Re: integral location_t

On Tuesday, September 23, 2003, at 01:37 AM, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
*) the ability to map a line-id to a translation unit might already be
needed for the multiple-translation unit mode, and probably would be when
C++'s export is implemented
What purpose does this serve?  I don't even know what mapping
line-id to "translation unit" means.
This is possible a front-end thing. I thought the multiple TU mode
checked the ODR and would need to indicate TU's in the error messages.
I know the Edison Design Group C++ FE does that. However, such problems
concern declarations, so something could be done with them, rather than
all line-id's. Given that we both are not entirely sure what this means,
I guess it'd be bad to implement it!

Let me add, that anyone that wants to do multi-translation unit work should check out the compile server. In it, we have all units in the symbol table simultaneously for C++, so if one wanted, they can do all sorts of things export, ODR checking, linting... I plan on unification of IMA (IMI) with that code.

I'd be happy to entertain questions if people are interested.

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